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Steel Truss

From Concept to Completion

Achieve seamless production with one integrated solution:

Light Gauge Steel Truss price for Contractors – Jan. 2009

Build house by cold roll-formingLight Gauge Steel

Quacent Truss System Features:
  • Fully Automated Truss Production
  • No inventory or random lengths
  • No culling of materials
  • No cutting
  • No measuring
  • No layout
  • No jigs required
  • Virturally no scrap
  • Best production cost
  • Full engineering support
  • High quality, high strength steel

Design/Engineering software:

1 Quacent Steel Truss System uses Powerful Truss software to create the truss and communicates directly?? with the rollformer software.



The Industry Exclusive Bolted Connection:
the industry exclusive BOLTED CONNECTION dramatically increases productivity and eliminates fastener concerns due to vibration during delivery and installation

One Way Truss Assembly:

No jigs or layout required as the truss can only go together one way, the Right Way.


From Coil to Assembly:


Just in time rollforming virtually eliminates waste, requires no cutting, bcoping, bpunching, or additional labor.

The New Industry Standard:


We can provide our customers the highest quality product on the market.

Aavailble Products:
  • Floor Josits
  • floor joist 1 floor joist 2

  • Roof Truss
  • truss 1 truss 2 truss 3 truss 4