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Guanglu Island, a national forest park and one of the famous scenic area of Liaoning Province, is located in the western part of the northern Yellow Sea. This island consists of 23 small islands, mounds and reefs, with a land area of 31.5 square kilometers, a sea area of 1000 square kilometers and a coastline of 74 km. Known as the "Hawaii of the Orient", it is 30 miles away from the port of Dalian Golden Pebble Beach. And it is the largest of Changshan archipelago.



Haichang Group (The most famous business travel company in China) plan to build Guanglu island as an eco-tourism and leisure resort in North America style. Designed and planned according to the world-class level, this island has five functional theme areas of the harbor town pier, spa area, private island.

On Guanglu island, tourists can not only explore the original ecological footprint, tour the mysterious and quiet Fairy Lake by skiff; take photos for more than 10,000 seabirds on the Bird Island; draw a sketch of the magical general stone, can also experience the new tourist way, golf experience field, combining nature and modern life, as well as other outdoor recreational sports like outdoor seafront pool, private beach strolling, boating, fishing, biking. Through planning and construction, Guanglu island will be a perfect eco-tourism resort, aiming at the latest resort integrated with travel, leisure and entertainment in northern China. In this resort area luxurious North American style Seaview Hotel is equipped to provide an extremely rich, stylish, comfortable, leisurely vacation environment to tourists from around the world.


After several months of comparison and discussion, Haichang Group chose Quacent as general contractor of its North American wood structure villas and Golf Club House.


This is a very special project, but our on-site construction teams compete it high efficiently, using our experienced skills and best tools, against unfavorable circumstances like a tight construction period, inconvenient island transportation, and inclement weather. At the completion of this project in great quality. Such work had been highly evaluated by Haichang Group.


Quacent expects its further cooperation with Haichang Group, making Guanglu Island resort area to be the traveler's paradise.











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