Total Living Area
38 sq.m.



Style: North European

Material: Structural Insulated Panels (short as SIPs, wooden frame)

Construction Area38 sq. m.

Features: 100% prefabricated, movable, green, energy-efficient, attractive.

Brief Introduction

In a limited area of 38 sq. m. Quacent G-house, including one bedroom, one bath, one kitchen and one bright living room. The simple wood finishing for both exterior and interior decoration comes from Scandinavia. It highlights the natural flavor of the Nordic culture; combined with Canadian modular house technology, supplied with modern appliances, Quacent G-house satisfies your need of going back to nature! It creates a beautiful and warm family of two or more.


Special advantages:

Modularization, fully prefabricated in the workshop

  1. Energy efficient, sustainable, and meet the requirement of Energy star standard of US.Ghouz7
  2. Environmental friendly, Eco, E0 environmental protection level Followed the European build code.
  3. Solar system integrated
  4. Movable & Transportable.
  5. Fast erection
  6. The application of the latest SIPs panelized construction technology
  7. Perfect living functions.
  8. Pleasing designs, healthy and comfortable living space